Winter's Day Lunch

Finished making a few trays of Jammers and headed home craving a warm bowl of soup. Making dishes from what I have on hand is satisfying and creative. Here is what I threw together for a hot quick Miso Squash Soup.

I diced up onion, garlic, ginger, serrano pepper and sauteed them in oil.  Next I added enough water for a bowl of soup and simmered it while I added cook butternut squash and cooked brown jasmine rice. Once hot I turned off the heat and mixed in a tablespoon of white miso.  To finish I added a splash of tamari to taste, drizzled it with roasted sesame oil and Iio Jozo Beniimosu (a japanese sweet potato vinegar which you can find here -  A fusion of flavors that hit my spot.  

I ate it before I took a picture.  Next time....

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